Brazos Bend 100: The GTS Story

by GTSTRUTTER on December 17, 2015

As much as I wanted to do this race I couldn’t do it. Mostly due to my running taking a backseat to my lifting in the recent months. So what am I to do when I can’t race? Support my GTS crew of course!

We had 10 100 milers and a group doing the 100 mile relay


8 50 milers


7 Marathoners


and 12 half marathoners

These Strutters all ran their hearts out on a course that was very challenging especially in the latter miles. I was there to film, refill water bottles, pace, take course pictures, and do whatever else they wanted me to do.

I saw smiles, tears, moans and groans all throughout the race. It was so inspirational to see everyone out there gutting it out to go the distance and even though we had a good amount of Strutters take a DNF, they gave it their all and that’s something to be very proud of. Congrats to you all!

Check out the experience I had by watching the video below! Get some tissues ready its a tearjerker at the end.


GTS Runner’s Spotlight: Monstrous Mad Mike

by GTSTRUTTER on August 18, 2015


You may not know the name Mike Moss but if you are a part of the SETX running community you have probably heard the name Monstrous Mad Mike! He’s a Louisiana boy that has made his way into the hearts of all the runners that he meets. He’s made the drive down from Sulphur, Louisiana down to our neck of the woods for a GTS runs too many times to count which makes him the perfect candidate for one of our GTS Runner’s Spotlights. Check out what Monstrous had to say to a few questions that I asked of him.

1.  How did you become a runner and why do you love running?

Became a runner by accident really.  When I was younger I was teased a lot because I was never allowed to run and it always bothered me. So when I was working out at my local gym and saw that they were offering a couch to 5 miler program it peaked my interest. I  joined in on it and thats when I found my love for running.  Through running I’ve realized that not only can I help myself but I can also help many others by inspiring them to run. I got into fitness to get into shape and meet women but running has given back so much more to me. I look back and think about all the people I have helped through running. That thought keeps me going and keeps my love for running going even after 126 road races.

2.  If you could run anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The Philly full marathon is my dream race. I am going to run it in November of 2016 God willing. There’s a huge back story with the city and why it’s inspired me for so long. One of my favorite movies is Rocky 2, it was filmed there and it actually inspired me to start working out. So much so that this year’s Gusher I wore the flag shorts at the Gusher. And I will continue to wear them at the Gusher and will wear them in Philly too. I just think it will be a very personal and good race because Rocky Balboa inspired me a lot and continues to inspire me.



3.  Music or no music on your runs? If you do listen to music what’s the song that get’s you through that last mile of your race to finish strong?

Music! I have to have music no matter what. I listen to all kinds of stuff really, but mostly 80′s music. It just depends on my mood at the time really. Probably two songs pump me up more than any others. Tina Turner’s “The Best” I have an extended version of that. And “Famous Final Scene” by Bob Seger, which brings back memories of my second Gusher in 2012 at the finish line.

4.  How do you fit running into your busy schedule?

It’s not easy but I try to run 3 days a week which is tough because I work shift work.  So I have to run whenever I can fit it into my schedule and that sometimes means I have to run at 3 am in the morning. No excuses!

5.  How did you find out about the GTS group and why you continue to run with us?

Well for those that don’t know I have been friends with Willie and Jeremy Fermo for about 3 and 1/2 years. We have done a lot of races together, hung out and cut up. So much so, that we are brothers from another mother. They made me an honorary Strutter years ago and even invited me. Then things changed for me here in Louisiana and I took them up on their offer to come and run in Beaumont and I loved it. I can’t say enough good about the Fermo brothers God bless them. :)



6.  How do you prepare yourself the week before a race?

Probably my favorite thing to eat for carbo-loading is a big bowl of chicken spaghetti. Other than that not much else.

7.  The Texas summers are hot! Give us a few tips on how to beat the heat.

This goes for Louisiana and Texas heat. I always found that it was good to go slower than you normally would when it’s hot. I don’t care for hot weather and crave cooler weather. Best thing I can say is just push through it because it will all be worth it come fall and winter when there are more races.

8.  What are your tips for people looking to get into the sport of running?

Results take time, sometimes a long time but they are worth it. Don’t be intimated by races or other runners, most are very friendly and good people. Enjoy running it’s a very pure thing. Stay away from races that are poorly planned and not thought out. Buy good shoes and have several pairs, rotate them. Find a good group like GTS and run with them as it helps out a lot for motivation and accountability.



9.  Besides running what do you do to stay active?

I lift weights and have done so for years. I do Cinergy at my gym (a mix of yoga and Pilaties), spin bike classes. I also just started riding my road bike and have been riding while it’s been so hot lately.

10.  Tell us more about your Madness shirts and the charity that goes along with it.

Well the Madness t-shirts started out as a way of using my name and likeness to help others. I just felt the need to do something good for the people of Beaumont because my first Gusher (2011) was dedicated to my Dad and every other Gusher I have done (4 and counting) is dedicated to his memory. I just felt like Beaumont helped me heal, now let me help some children out who maybe never knew their dad or mom and don’t have much direction in their lives. So, a friend told me about Boys Haven and we were off and running. I had my friend John come up with the shirts and we have been rolling ever since. We will start another drive for the Turkey Trot in September and it will run till early November.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 12.52.05 PM


11.  Share something about yourself that some of your running pals may not know about you.

I use to be 240 pounds 8 years ago. Really shy, had never worked out or ran. I was totally into video games and anything that wasn’t really active.  I’m still a video game and comic nerd at heart though but now I’m a runner too!



Thanks Monstrous for answering all my questions! If you would like to meet the MADNESS or any of the other great Strutters come on out to one of our runs! Check out our FB page for current times.


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