GTS Runner’s Spotlight: Meg Baertl

by GTSTRUTTER on December 11, 2014


The Golden Triangle running community has grown alot but it’s still small enough to where you can recognize runners from race to race. Meg is one of those that I’ve seen at many races but never really got to know, that is until she started coming to out to our runs. Now that’s she’s be coming out pretty regularly, I figured she would be a great Strutter to feature in one of our Runner’s Spotlights.

1. How did you become a runner and why do you love running?

I started running around 2003 when I was in nursing school in Galveston. There were a lot of people running up and down the Seawall and I thought what better way to release some steam from the stress nursing school. I eventually entered some on the island’s 5 and 10k’s which proceeded into off the island half marathons and a full marathon. I love running because you can just be yourself. No matter what’s going on in your life, the pavement or trail is like an old friend who’s waiting for you to reconnect and rekindle the friendship.


2. If you could run anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?

Peru. Anywhere in Peru. I would love to run with my fellow Peruvians where it’s by the beach, in the Amazon, or in the Andes. Well, maybe not the Andes but, I wouldn’t mind running in Cusco.


3. Music or no music on your runs? If you do listen to music what’s the song that get’s you through that last mile of your race to finish strong?

Music is a must! Right now, I can’t get enough of The Jacksons’ “Blame it on the Boogie”.

4. How do you fit running into your busy schedule?

I usually do my “hill” and speed training around 6 am before the craziness of my day starts. I try to make the GTS runs for my tempo runs when I can. My longs runs are usually very early on Sunday mornings.

5. How did you find out about the GTS group and why you continue to run with us?

When I moved here in 2011, I ran in the evenings on the Delaware extension. I crossed paths with GTS group several times. Eventually, I inquired about the group and liked their FB page. I really didn’t start running with GTS until I started training for the Biggest Loser Half Marathon this past May. The main reason why I continue to the run with group is the encouragement I get from the other runners, especially from the Fermo brothers!


6. What do you do to prepare yourself the week before a race?

I avoid any sugars and wine even though I’ve been known to slip up a few times. I drink LOTS of water, run at an easy pace at least twice before the race, and stay off my feet which includes not wearing any high heels prior to the the race

7. It’s Christmas so what are some running related gifts you are hoping to see under your tree?

Since I was a good girl this year, I’m hoping to see some nifty new running shoes!!

8. What are your tips for people looking to get into the sport of running?

1) Have fun! 2) Listen to the advice of experienced runners but tailor their advice to where you are as a runner. 3) I can’t stress this last one enough: Core training is important!

9. Share something about yourself that some of your running pals may not know about you.

I love to sing! I’ve always wanted to be the next Julie London or Ella Fitzgerald.


She’s got that healing touch, she can dance, sing, and RUN! Thanks Meg for coming out to the runs. It’s been great getting to know ya. Here’s to many more miles.

If you would like to run with Meg and the other great Strutters come out and join us for a run every Monday & Wednesday. All paces welcomed.

Happy Running!

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Christmas Stocking copy
So I’ve reviewed a lot of running gear for various companies some I liked and other I LOVED! It’s Christmas time so that means that special runner in your life is going to need a nice running related gift to open to light up their eyes when the unwrap it. Here is a list, in no particular order, of my top 5 Stocking Stuffers for Runners of of all the gear that I reviewed.


5.  Knuckle Lights

These are the ultimate running lights. You strap them on your knuckles and the night is yours. I really love how much they light up your path as you run and you are sure to be seen when running with a pair of them. Check out my full review of it here.

4.   Compact X-Firm Rumble Roller

This is peak marathon training for most of us, especially in the South, so that means sore muscles. I reviewed the x-firm compact model and boy does this thing dig right into the muscle where it hurts sooo good. Trust me, a good 20 minutes with this bad boy will have you ready to run like a well oiled machine the next day.  Check out my full review of it here.

3.  The Orb Massage Ball 5”

Another great roller to roll out the soreness of all the running we do. This one is great for traveling when space is an issue. Check out my full review of it here.


2.  The Armpocket I-35

I’m a runner with some muscle on me so I’ve had a hard time finding an armband for my phone that actually fit my arms without cutting off circulation. The Armpocket is perfect for big arms and big phones with room to spare. It’ll fit your large smart phones and your phablets. Check out my full review here.



1.  The FlipBelt

Ever put your keys or your phone in your pocket and try to run with it? Jiggle, Jiggle, JIGGLE!! Not with the FlipBelt. You pick the size right for your waist and stick whatever you want into the tube like belt, flip it over, everything is secure and best of all NO JIGGLE! Really a great product and its made it’s way into my race day outfit. Check out my full review here


What are some running related gifts that you want for Christmas? Did any on my list make your list? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Have a awesome Christmas everyone!


3 of the great companies have generously offered to provide their products for a GRAND GIVEAWAY!!

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