Ben Vehige

by GTSTRUTTER on September 29, 2014


I first remember seeing Ben at one of our pub runs at Luke’s Icehouse and ever since then he has been one of the runners I can always count on seeing at the GTS runs. I’ve never met an unfriendly runner and Ben is no exception, in fact, he is one the nicest guys I’ve met. In the year that he has been running with the GTS group he has run his first 10k and also his first half marathon. Read below to find out whats up next for Ben.

1. How did you get into running? Were you always a runner?

I was definitely not always a runner. In fact, it’s an exercise that I never thought I’d do. But after years of struggling with weight gain (was up to about 260 in early 2012), I decided to make a lifestyle change, eat better and start mixing in an occasional run to my cardio routine (elliptical at home). I began running at a local track twice per week close to our old home near St. Louis, and after learning that you can’t just go out and run at a quick pace from the start, I surprisingly started to enjoy it.


2. What’s your biggest running accomplishment so far?

Running the Gusher Half Marathon earlier this year, almost making my under 2 hour goal. It was brutal :) Although I take the blame for that, as I didn’t really train for it much at all.  But considering where I started just a couple years earlier I’m immensely proud and impressed that my body held up, albeit just barely.

3. Do you have any upcoming races? What are they?

I’m hoping to run the Pleasure Island 10K and the Thanksgiving Day Pie Run 10K in Jefferson City, MO. I’m considering the 2015 Gusher Half Marathon but haven’t decided if I want to do it again yet.

4. What’s a typical week of running like for you?

I run three times per week, on Mondays and Wednesdays with GTS (I always try to do the 4 mile route), and then on Friday or Saturday I run another 2-4 miles depending on how busy the family is, how my knees feel and the weather.

5. How did you come to find out about the Golden Triangle Strutters and what would you say to those intimidated by coming out to our group runs?

My wife took our girls to Orange Leaf one evening for yogurt and told me that there was some sort of running group that was meeting there. Eventually my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to come out. I haven’t missed many runs since. I would tell anyone (and I have) that the group is incredibly supportive and knowledgeable, and there is no too slow or too fast. It’s a perfectly laid back group.

6. Are you a morning runner or a night runner?

I think there’s benefits to both, but find, especially around here when it’s incredibly humid, running in the morning just seems much more difficult. Like running with a wet blanket over your head. But now that Fall is coming back, it’s less of an issue. But when I have a choice of when to run, I pretty much just choose whenever I feel the most motivated.

7. Tell us something about yourself that we may not already know.

Though some know it, many probably don’t know that I’m a stay at home dad. It’s certainly not for everyone, but I think it’s great fun and I feel extremely fortunate to be able to do so.


8. What’s your best tip to give to new runners?

Start slow and find your happy pace. Your happy pace will naturally increase when you’re ready for it too. There’s no reason to push it and get injured from the get go.

So many awesome people in our GTS running family. To meet Ben and other friendly runners like him come out to our weekly Golden Triangle Strutters run/walk every Monday and Wednesday. Check our FB for current times.




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Check out my Santa Hustle half marathon gopro video below.


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